The Boy in the striped pyjamas by John Boyne

A 9 year old boy, Bruno, living in Berlin during world war 2 moves to ‘Out-With’ with his family by the order of The fury (Hitler).

His father was the Commandant. Bruno was upset by the shift of his home as he lost his three best friends. From his new home, he could see a camp were the prisoners wore striped pyjamas, striped shirts and caps.

Bruno was quite small to understand war and the differences between Nazi’s and Jews.

Bruno loved exploring and he walked along the fence and met a dull boy named Shmuel. They gradually became very good friends, although Bruno couldn’t understand his new friend’s life. Shmuel was mostly slient and only Bruno talked to much. Bruno used to sneak in food for Shmuel.

Gradually, Bruno understood that on the other side of fence is the concentration camp. People were made to work, slave and gradually killed in gas chambers.

Bruno’s family was moving back to Berlin and a day before that Shmuel lost his father in the camp. Bruno volunterred to find his father with him.

Bruno changed into striped pyjamas and he sneaks in to the other side of the camp. Inside the camp, Bruno and Shmuel got stuck in the ‘march’ and they hold hands and promised to never let go.

They were made to remove clothes inside the gas chamber and all the chaos started and the two boys didn’t let go.

I found the story to be innocent and the end was a shock.


Sometimes it happens by Karan Sharma

Love has no boundaries, not even age. And this book justifies it. Age gap might be a difficult hurdle initially but if you really like a person and be with him/her, age doesn’t matter at all.

This hurdle is also faced by Gautam and Roshni in this story. The story is about falling in love and the acceptance of the relationship.

The plot is simple but unusual not too many twists. My favourite character is Roshni. The characters are nicely written. The book is a short read but worth it.

Anyone can easily connect to the story, the language is easy and the plot is predictable.

The Day that nothing happened by Sonal Sehgal

A well written and thought sci-fi. I dont wanna reveal the plot, it is well understood in the blurb.

I must say that the book is very well researched, thus making it gripping. After every page i was curious to know what is next.

The notions about multi-universe and physics are all well put. The plot is great and short.

I loved Veer, the protagonist, very likeable. While reading this book, I could Picturize all the 4D images.

The book has fresh vocabularyaccording to me because I haven’t read many sci-fi.

A translated novel by Sukhendu Ray. The book is set up in Balrampur depicting life of Bipradas. He was a well behaved man with principles and values belonging to an orthodox family.
Sati was his wife.His cousion Bandana,visited them. She was a good character of the story who was influenced by Western culture.
Bipradas believes and Bandana’s ideology clashed almost out at every point.

Soon, she bonds with the family and when a tragedy hits them she stood by them. Bipradas leaves with his wife Sati and his son.
The story is a bit different in terms of morals, believes and superstitions.

The code of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi

This is my first sci-fi book and I loved it. I never expected this to be soo captivating.

The story is from the cities of Madhavpur and Ayudhpur,set in millions of year past 2050.

The people of these cities were known as Manavas and they aren’t ordinary humans.

The plot is after the Pralay and those who were left who follow the code of Manavas and they fought against aging.

I just loved the author’s narration. It was spot on. The language was easy. Author’s inagination is vivid with good twists and turns.

I felt the plot was unique and detailed.

Kasturba Gandhi by Giriraj kishore

This is one of the best books I read this year.
Kasturba was a fierce and independent woman. I didnt know this untill i read this book. I always referred to her as Gandhiji’s wife. But she is more than that.
She was a beautiful and loyal girl. She played with Mohandas in her young days. Later on, got married to him. He was a shy man. The way she conducted herself and her household was commendable.
This book is her journey from childhood to adulthood to the nation’s independence, her struggles, her sacrifices, her empowerment.
Her struggle with human rights for indians in south africa is well described.
The book is a fictional biography and the author has done justice to her work for the independence.
I felt bad when she died in the Agah khan palace, I was numb but proud.

Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

“The fact is,both sides killed. Both shot and stabbed and speared and clubbed. Both tortured. Both raped.”

Set in 1947, Mano majra was a peaceful village with both Muslim and Sikh residents.

The book has a lot of characters but the three main characters being, Jagga-the dacoit, the magistrate Hukum Chand and an activist-Iqbal.

Soon, India and Pakistan are formed and this partition leads to chaos, death, rapes.

But this village didn’t lose his peace.

The Government made it a point that the Muslims have to shift to Pakistan.Muslims revolted as they did not want to go to Pakistan. The religious men manipulated the villagers against Muslim’s mass murder before they leave.

The peaceful village was stuned when the train from pakistan arrives with the bodies of Sikhs and all these events leads to panic, rapes and murder.

The plot is simple yet It will stay with me forever.