Swapped by Neeha Gupta

My views-

Swapped is a story of two girls, one a very bright girl named Rachel who gets admission in a renowned college and Harleen who is a fashion queen.
Both girls have different career perspective.
They meet up at a party, they chat about their ambitions and how their parents have something else in mind.

They plan to swap and hence the story takes a turn.
The story is about friendship, college life and fun times.
Will the secret stay secretive?
Will they be able to change their fate?
What happens next?

I am astonished to see how how will a 17 year old can write a book. The book bring back a lot of memories of my college life and is very relatable.
The plot is is very well written with good narration and a very easily understandable language.

I appreciate the author for writing such a nice fresh book.
Overall, a fresh short book.

Once upon us by Abhiishek Mohta

My views-

The book is a typical romantic fiction which revolves around three couples who have a long distance relationship.
Namo case filled with college rivalry, relationships,
Lifestyle, fun,jealousy friendship and many more emotions.
The book is a short read filled with drama. The language used is very simple and the narration has a good flow.
All the characters are described well, which gave the story depth and emotions displayed are apt.
The twist and turns are well put.
Overall a romantic short fiction with a good plot.

As Death Stared Back by Ajinkya Bhasme

My views-

Sanjana is stunned by the death of her husband, Punit, and raises her son, Abhimanyu alone.
Soon, they both experience nightmares of Punit and they are devastated.
After some years, Punit returns and behaves as if nothing happened.
Is it real? Is it a nightmare? Check out the story of this dark thriller to know what happened to Punit.

This is one of my Favourite dark thrillers of this decade by an Indian author.
The cover is fabulous and scarry. I always like both that are written in chapters, they are easy to read and remember.
The plot and narration are so chilling. The characters are well developed. The element of thrill is very good.
The book is recommended to everyone who is a fan of thrillers, it is a must read.

Badoga by Pankaj Saini

My views

The story of Sartaj, a brat from Haryana,whose life is surrounded by liquor,sex and money.
He is restrained by his own thoughts but his mother always flattered him by saying that bigger things are about to come.
What bigger things if you talking about? Is he a real superhero?
Talking about the cover of the book, its eye catchy.
I sometimes felt the cover didn’t match with the book.
The best thing about the book was author’s writing style, it was different. It was honest and witty.
Coming to the language of the book, I don’t like rough language.
The book had unnecessary attention to to liquor and sex. These two points could have made a huge change in the narration.
The book is a good attempt as a debut novel and I am really looking forward to the sequel.

Lost by Samair

My views-Lost is an emotional tale, revolving around utkarsh, Aishwarya and Kiara’s life.
The important aspects of the book are love, luck, friendship and luxury.
The plot has romance and is very dramatic.
I felt that characters could have been better.
Narration was normal paced. The author tried to put aspects like, misunderstandings and all the three characters have a weakened bond, what will be there fate?
You have to read the book to know that.
Overall, it was an okish read.

Tales of you, me and them by Anju Darshini

My views-

The book brings back all my childhood memories. I found this book very happy and simple.

The characters were Lively and relatable. The plot describing village in South India, was very natural, beautiful and made all the short stories very appealing.

The narration had a good flow, with clean and easily understandable language.

All the short stories had a different theme, like, dreams,love, pain etc. You should read it to know more.

I will re-read it many more times. Definately recommend to everyone.

The Grandmaster and other short stories by Chinmaya Desai

My views-

The Grandmaster and other short stories is a collection of 17 short stories with different topics.

Some stories were good, others not so much. I felt the need of more characters and the element of freshness was missing.

However, I liked some stories with intruging names, like Taskmaster G1, G male, Robin could etc.

The language is good, with great usage of words. The plot of some stories were good. The narration could have been slightly better.

I couldn’t relate to many stories and hence this was a one time read for me.