Devi by Nag Mani

Publisher- xpress publication

Length-259 pages

My views

Devi is a thriller novel Encircling the state of Bihar. First of all, the cover is just excellent, it speaks spooky. The blurb is just enough to create Curiosity. (i wont tell you the details of the story)

I thought the book is well assessed and explored. The myths are well created and placed. The element of horror was present.

The portrayal of women and social issues are well put. I feel the length of the book was a bit too much, it could have been finished a bit earlier.

To sum it up, a good thriller with a narration to look forward to.



Moments by Pankhuri kumari

Publisher- Inkstate books

Length- 160 pages

My views

The book is about cherishing the moments you have lived. The moments that have hooked you up with a great impact to your life.

They make you happy and make you cry. The book taked you through 42 moments of author’s life which are very relatable. The narration is good. The moments relating to childhood are the best. All memories refreshed.

Life noe is a hustle, to go back to those moments which fill you up with joy is a bliss.


Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

Publisher- Harper Voyager books

Length- 500

My views

After a very long time,I have developed a huge respect and love for a book.

Red Sister, the first book of Mark Lawrence’s Book of Ancestor Trilogy. The protagonist Nona Grey, is bought to convent of Sweet Mercy to become a killer.

This coming of age fantasy is mostly about battles focusing mainly on the convent.

Mostly all the characters are women. Every character is written with ease and very clear with their thoughts and ideas.

The book is full of drama and action, however the middle portion of about fifty pages, i found them slow. Otherwise the pace was good.

Nona’s character was the most beautiful, full of curiosity and an urge to make new friends, live life to the fullest. Nona belonged to the Red Class i.e an age group of 9-12 years. Also, Red sisters were warriors those are in armed-unarmed combat.

A geeat emphasis is put on friendship, failures, Believing in good and bad, making the book meaningful and different.

Eagerly waiting to read The grey sister.


House of Stars by Keya Ghosh

Publisher- Penguin publishers

Length- 228

My views

The title made me think, that the book is a traditional love story.

It isn’t.

I loved the thriller aspect of the book. The blurb has a good explanation of the core.

Kabir is supposed to give a letter to Diya in a mall. As soon as he enters, he hears gunshots and instantly is captivated as a hostage.

It is a bit filmy but it was love at first sight and the drama continues to a point that the terrorists were about to shoot Kabir.

What will be his future? Will Diya know about him ever?

The book has romance, love at first sight with a boost of thriller.

I loved the quick pace and usage of words. The narration was good but confused me at some points, overall a good book.

Land lust by Joginder Paul

Publisher- Niyogi books

Length- 137

My views

A collection of short stories about missing your motherland. Each and every story had a meaning and a very influential end.

Stories are of kenya where Paul moved. Kenya was treated bad, the factor of a different race is unforgetful.

The stories are about progress and people proceeding in their life, no matter what happened.

One thing which made this book attractive for me was the way black people were treated, with honour and respect.

A very brief connection is maintained with nature and i applaud the author and the translator.

I wish i could read these stories in Urdu, they would have been better.


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Kikki by Kaushal Vijay

The tag line says the extraordinary story, well i don’t connect to that. Its just a plane story of a family, nothing exciting.

The plot is slow, regular and doesn’t have a goal actually.

The narration was boring, as i said nothing exciting. Nothing different, i didnt find anything based on real life.

Editing is bad, atleast grammer could have been better.

I just found it boring.

Half/ 5

Circus Folks and Village Freaks by Aparna Updhyay Sanyal

My views on the book-

The poems are witty, unusual, unexpected and different.

I completed this book in one sitting, and i absolutely loved it.

18 couplets written with ease and rythm with all sorts of figures of speech. The book is themed around village and circus and the interaction of humans with objects is well established.

I felt each poem had a story to tell. The usage of words is fresh and placed correctly. The pace of the poems make the book fun and new.

I would say this book is an example of contemporary poetry to me. Also, the issues highlighted through this book is also comendable.

The illustrations are to die for. I love them already and in this particular they were just bang on.