A walk on the burning bridge by Vaibhav Dange

“The clouds are pouring your cold blood over my days and nights.”

The book comprises of 5 chapters. I liked almost all poems, the thoughts behind them and the flow.

I found the titles interesting.Along with that, the overall presentation of the book is good.

I am trying to understand the new age poetry, and contemoporary poems. This book is a good example of it.

The poems are easy to understand. The poems have varied emotions from love to relationships, magic to desrie etc.

Overall, a well written poetry book.

The Princess of Elsseria by Leslie G

A fast paced story of Liah, the princess of Magical kingdom, Elsseria. The book is full of magical creatures and many different characters. I am amazed how violet sea and the Melwhor mountains are explianed in the book.

Liah, although from a royal family, leds a normal life, but somehow she knows that something is going to happen soon in her life. But She seeks freedom.

I love the author’s writing style. All the characters are interwoven and well written. I loved the characters of Liah and Derek. The writing style is smooth and fast paced. The narration is fabulous.

I have recently started reading fantasy novels and i can say that this one is beautiful.

What you wish for by Saikat

My views-

The story of Prisha, the protagonist, working in a cafe in Mumbai, meets Arav. They instantly get attracted to each other. They again met at a pub. Prisha comes to Mumbai to fulfill her late friend, Ayesha’s wish.
She finds out suspicious things about her friend’s past and the story countinues making Prisha’s behaviour weird and she is haunted by a ghost.

I found the story to start very slow, it took a long time for characters to unwind and make the plot fast paced. The writing is good. The characters were built just enough. The plot was expected a bit. I couldnt find the element of freshness. On the other hand, i feel the author has done a great work with his writing skills.

Overall, a one time read.

Afsaane by Ameya Bondre

My views-

I have always loved short stories. Less words, more passion and warmth.

Afsaane is a collection of 11 short stories, dealing with various sentiments, like joy, love, friendship, betrayal, acceptance, infidelity etc.

To start with the cover, it is just stunning, detailed and relevant to the book.
The stories are relatable and also the characters are dynamic.
The book gave emphasis on topics such as, working too much, moving to a new place, heartbreaks, cheating your partner and so on. All these topics are needed and are relevant to talk about in this modern world.

The author has a good writing style which can be appreciated by the way he has narrated the story and fabricated the characters.
Also, the book is short and has a good pace.

Overall, an easy enjoyable read.

The Worlds That Met in Bollywood by Manan Goelm

My views-

The world is segregated in rich and poor. Rich eyes for luxury whereas poor aims to merely get over the day.

The book tells the drama, running in the life of two boys,Anirudh and Yasir. The parallel drawn between the wealthy Yasir and slum boy Anirudh is beautifully portrayed.

Being a fiction, it absolutely does justice to bring forward the reality of life. Narration has a good flow. The plot is interesting as both the worlds meet and give a meaning to the story.
Characters are a strong part of this book. It had a seamless touch of Bollywood which added a spark.
Although it is a debut book, it didn’t lack anything.

The Purgatory of Half Forgotten Riddles By John. A Raju

The story of Peter, The purgatory of Half Forgotten Riddles, is a fiction book which is Extremely relatable and has different layers that grips the reader till the end.

The book throws many questions at the reader, with an exciting narration. The plot has a great meaning and depth. Peter’s connect with his father, the death of his father, the Relationship with his friends, the unstable points in his life are all just unusual.

The book is filled with twists and turns. The fiction with mystery has unexplained points which collectively makes the book stronger and at the end takes a massive turn making the plot interesting.
Recommended to every reader.

Till we meet again by Shibji Bose

My views-
The story is about Aryan, a simple average boy. He had a normal life, untill his father dies. His siblings are much better in every manner especially when it comes to ambition.
As soon as he takes over the responsibility of his house, his tussle starts. He needs to do everything to mend his life and relationships with everyone. The story is all about how he takes control over everything.
Overall, the plot is predictable, whereas the language is fresh. All the characters are well sketched. I found the narration slow.
Recommended to all the new readers.

The Place Where Rivers Meet by Yumlum Tana

My views-

Firstly, i just want to thank the author for writing this book, otherwise i wouldn’t have known about Nyishi tribe.

The book is about the political and social changes that took place in 60s in Arunachal Pradesh. The topic of politics is sensitive and that makes the book more of reality and non-fiction than fiction. I really feel Petey Kiki is a fabulous character and well Portyed. The overall description of the state makes it a blissful experience.
I recommend this book to all because, you get to read a fresh plot and about a tribe that you might never have heard off.

The Crossfire of Love by Dhiren Tiwari

My views-

I felt the book is of romance genre, but turned out to be suspense. I was happy about this. Talking about the cover, it is beautiful. The title of the book matches the plot.

Meanwhile, i liked the plot, its not obvious. Saira and Amaan are very well written characters. The description of these characters is apt. However, not much is described about other characters, according to me.
The plot is set in Attanooga, i have no clue about this place. I feel this book made me read about new places.
The best thing about the book was it is not predictable.
Overall, I liked the book. The suspense part of the book is definately to look forward to.

The Jasmine Wife by Jane coverdale

My views-

A book so relatable, filled with romance, setting in British India.
The historical fiction starts off with the main character, Sara. She was born in India, but lost her parents. After she gets married, she visits India again with her husband.
They dont have a happy relationship, and slowly gets connected to Ravi. She starts digging about her past and her parents.Read the book to know what happened later.
The book has a good language. I feel it could be better in terms of description. It could be more researched.
The plot is good paced, but in some places it got monotonous.
Overall, a light book for entertainment.