I am also a human by Jasbir Singh


Zeenat is a transgender, but she is a ‘Human’ first. She is struggling to live a life like a normal human being, but she wasn’t aware of the society. Her parents sent her to an orphanage when she was just twelve years old. She spent her childhood at that orphanage. When she came to understand the different faces of the society, she realised that a few people on the other side are trying to kill her. She ran from the orphanage. She started working at Benz cafe, where she met Rajveer, a rich, handsome guy from Delhi. Her simplicity made him fall in love with her. She was running from him because she knew her destiny. She lost everyone whom she loved. A few people were against their friendship too. They were planning the worst things for her. Things got all the more worse for her in her life when they both met with an accident and she lost him, even before telling him about her feelings. She lost every reason to live. She tries to commit suicide many times, but failed. One fine day, when she opened her eyes, she found herself at the brothel.
But this is not the end of her story. She still has so many things to say.
Will she find another reason to live?
Will she run from the brothel?
Will she be able to achieve her aim?
Will she find answers to all her questions?

My views

A story of Zeenat, a transgender. The story revolves around her facing the society. Initally her parents sent her to an orphange. She was alone and faced the world alone.

She elopes to Delhi, where she works in a cafe and meets Rajveer, a decent kind hearted boy.

The book concentrates on equality and inacceptance by the society. The plot is connecting and relatable to daily life. Also, the characters are great.

The flow of the plot keeps the reader’s interest as it is quite gripping.

The author has done a wonderful job by taking up this topic and putting emphasis on a very delicate yet important topic of the society.



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