2 day down by Dr. Nikita Lalwani


2-day-down is a compilation of stories of 5 women from different walks of life. Each story digs into one of the five period related problems: Pain | Staining | Sexual Inhibition | PMS | Taboo, through each one’s journey. The title signifies the second day of a woman’s period, which is said to be the toughest of the five days. The stories are a reflection of the less acknowledged society around us. Through menstrual problems as a window, the book is an attempt to bring light to the intriguing yet briefly understood aspects of womanhood in different age groups.


5 different women, 5 different stories.

Stories that are taboo in our society, stories of conservative, orthodox families.

All the stories are related to periods, hence the word ‘down’. The topics being PMS, pain, staining etc.

The stories revolves around a girl wanting to learn pole dancing, a bisexual woman, about a woman who learns how to love herself, a wife of a sex addict. All the characters have their own set of problems to deal with.

The author has beautiful pinned down these taboos. All the characters put are well formed, the narration is apt and good language.

Relatable. 4/5


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