Quest for Paradise by Shuchi


Ishana, an aspiring tattoo artist, has to cope with all the people around her to gain what she truly desires. Quest for Paradise is a story about love and struggling to vanquish everything in its way, whether it’s people, social stigmas, or an unprecedented catastrophe.

My views

Ishana’s life takes a turn as she meets Vaishakh. Ishana wanted to pursue tattooing as her career but her parents didn’t appreciate it. They wanted her to get married.

Her past haunts her. She was molested by her uncle. She was in pain by the thought of it. Tattoo made her calm down and also made her independent.

She met Vaishakh, her customer, they started talking to each other, spending time together. But since, she was determined to carry on with her career, she had to move to goa and him behind.

The decision she took and the challenges she faced ahead,nade the story interesting. To know what she did, you have to read the book.

The language was easy, i liked it as it was a short read.


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