The Surrogate lies by Shantanu Munshi


A dysfunctional writer, a hyperbole consultant, a Bollywood smitten driver and an over the top mysterious foreign man. They are strangers on an adventure and strange is their adventure. Their escapades are as serendipitous as life on earth yet their lives are as normal as a morning tea. Still you will laugh, cry, sympathise with them en route to their and yours redemption from the mundane life. Read as they dodge the bullets of their fear, their insecurities and their failures. They are waiting for you to board the rusted and trusted 4*4 and enjoy the smooth rollercoaster. So all aboard? Get started and turn the first page of this special journey of this nondescript motley of strangers.

My views

As soon as, I read the blurb, i instantly wanted to read the book. The variety of characters drew me towards the book.

A driver, A foreigner, a writer and a stranger, these characters have their own Individuality and their diverse nature made the plot intersting.

The author has effortlessly made put through this wonderful, smooth and strong people. The Curiosity about what is going to happen next was present.

The situations in which these characters dwelled, their insecurities, emotions etc. Were well described.



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