Money by Yuval Noah Harari


Selected from the books Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

How did money come to be invented? Why does it now have such significance in our lives? Does it make us happier or unhappier? And what does the future hold for it? With brilliant clarity and insight, Yuval Noah Harari takes the reader on a journey from the very first coins through to 21st century economics and shows us how we are all on the brink of a revolution, whether we like it or not.


A series of short books by the world’s greatest writers on the experiences that make us human

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My views

‘Everyone always wants money because everyone else also always wants money,which means you can exchange money for whatever you want’

Just finished this masterpiece. After reading this book, my perception of money has changed.

In ancient times, people had gold coins and they considered it a weapon as it cannot be eaten, drunk or toren. People used it to cure heart diseases.

Later, money is used for barter. You could get anything and everything in exchange of money.

Author has beautifully explained how money has revolutionized our future. Money can exploit but at the same time, if used intelligently can be used for economic growth.

This journey of advancement in money, will make you think about it and will leave your mind with many questions to be answered and will also shake you up to work more religiously for it.


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