The Closed Case by Amay Saxena


Hilda’s case was unfathomable. Mystery in itself. A case no one had control over. What one could do was – gape, act, and regret, or die.

Roy, a retired detective, discovers that his helper is abducted by a psychopath, who claims to be an admirer of his work. To save his helper, Detective Roy must travel to Mumbai, where he has some horrendous memories associated with his past, which he has been trying to shun. As Detective Roy arrives in Mumbai, he discovers that it is not just a kidnapping case, but this case is strongly connected to his dark past. A past – he never wish to revisit.

Created from one of the darkest secrets of the most ferocious periods in the world’s history, The Closed Case, is Detective Roy’s journey of unearthing the truth behind something instructable, darkling, and facinorous that might leave you mystified.


My views

The plot is good and gripping. The author has done a wonderful job in terms of the story.

But the gramatical errors were just unbearable. The editor should have spent more time on it.

The touch of supernatural powers made the plot better but was predictable. The book should have been more to the point.



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