Ballad of Kaziranga by Dileep Chandan


Amal diverts all his focus and time on a new project, hoping to give new meaning to his life. Rishi delves deep into the beauty of Kaziranga, his friend, his muse to get away from a traumatic past. The articles written on the national park feature prominently in Arunabh’s body of work as a reporter.
Ballad of Kaziranga is not a love story (although it does seep in), but rather, the story of love three friends share for the beautiful and majestic Kaziranga, in their own unique way. It is through the lives of these three men and their dreams, aspirations and sometimes, even their frustration and anguish that Kaziranga unfolds itself. A riveting story, it also throws light on the current state of affairs in the national park and the problems plaguing it.

My views

Kaziranga Natiomal Park situated in Assam is famous for One horned rhinosauras and is declared a world heritage site becasuse the species is getting endangered.

The plot of the book is about the beauty of the forest. The greenary is breath taking. The jungle safari Focuses on some social matters like poaching,trading animals etc. And how government does nothing but hide these issues for money.

The merceless killing of rhinos for selling the horns, bones and skin for expensive prices by immigrants is well explained. The legal system stays silent and does nothing to stop these ill deeds.

The story is about some friends travelling on this road of heavenly beauty finding out the misuse of our heritage.



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