Tinkling of the bell by Sonika Shandilya


We don’t meet people by accident.
They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.
When Jai met Sakshi, by sheer chance, he couldn’t have imagined
he’d one day be visiting Europe with her for a countryside fashion
tour. All he heard was the tinkling of a bell somewhere in his heart.
When Sakshi met Jai the next time, she barely knew their
friendship would run deeper than anything she had ever wished
He is an aspiring police officer and she wants to be a leading
designer in the world of fashion. Will their different paths take
them to the same destination we call love, or will hurdles change
the way love happens?
More than that, is love really enough? Join their journey as they
find out in the Tinkling of the Bell… Before it Rings.

My views

The plot is about Sakshi and Jai, meeting in a movie theatre and gradually falling in love. But their journey starts when come acrosse each other’s career. Sakshi is a designer and she and jai are portrayed as a cute couple.

I found the book to be more of a bollywood movie because of the narration. The conversations are like dialogues of a movie at some places.

Also, the grammer at some places was wrong. Referring to a person in first person and referring to the same person in third person in a same line. These minute things really leads to confusion at certain places.

To talk about the plot, it was quite predictable.


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