The Last Seychelles Flame by Medha nagur


A short girl with short hair, 32 years old and unmarried; Adrija has all the makings of being an unsuitable girl in an Indian middle-class family. And to top it all, she is feverishly keen on following her passion to become a top-ranked fashion photographer in the country!

With unsupportive parents bent on crushing all her dreams and wanting her to get married, she dares to say “Yes” to a golden opportunity and lands up in the city of dreams- without much in her pockets but stars in her eyes and a camera in her hand!

But as they say, destiny favours none! Just when she thinks that she is starting her dream journey as a Fashion Photographer, her ex-boyfriend returns with horrendous motives and tries to flip her life upside down.

And amidst all the drama that unfolds, “Jabber Jackson”, the funny guy whom she meets on her official trip to Seychelles, gets strangely entwined with her life and its chaos.

Will she give up or fight for her desires or does destiny has its own plan in store for her?

My views

A 32 year old Adrija, is passionate about photography. She gets an opportunity to move to Mumbai and work. Her parents are against her wish to go there but she manages to move.

Her work impresses everyone and soon she gets an outdoor shoot in Seychelles island.

One more character is introduced, Omkar. He is awkward and things go haywire when he comes in Adrija’s life.

After finishing her work, she comes back to Mumbai and her ex approaches her to come back with him.

The plot is predictable and fast paced. It is not boring but not very intersting. The language is easy. At some points, i felt the plot is cliched.


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