Abstract by Shruti Shetty


Abstract – Piece of my mind as the name suggests is summary of my thought process. Readers can easily get connected with my thoughts – even you all might have thought about it, once or more. My poems would connect me to you, and that shall be a crown to me. The book is about me, my vision, my clan and my supports. This book is my soul reflection. This book is the first feather on my hat. A simile to represent my art – Like a necklace and its beads tied with string and hook, are my poems embedded in this book.

My views

A collection of poems, author’s memories and her experiences.

The poem I loved the most is Being you.

Some poems are adorable while some are simply good. To the point. Not too much metaphorized.

There are 53 pieces of poetry, some short and some long and i loved them.


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