Pi agency by Neelabh Pratap Singh


Rashmi Purohit is a failed CBI aspirant. With no future in Indian law enforcement, she turned to working alongside the law. Now running her own agency out of her claustrophobic basement, Rashmi is dying for a notable case and a big break.
A wealthy entrepreneur with a troubled, drug-addicted son seems like the perfect client. But when Rashmi and her impetuous, barely-competent employees stumble into a Dark Web-based investment conspiracy, the detective knows she has kicked a hornet’s nest. Rashmi might just solve the case – but only if it doesn’t kill her, destroy her agency, or make her betray her father’s legacy one last time.

My views
The book starts with a boy of Bussinessman with drug addiction.

Brajesh wants to find out what his son is upto and what more is their in his life other than drugs.

To know more, he hires Rashmi, a detective.

Later, Rashmi and her 2 assistants discover that the boy’s life has more to say other than addiction.

The pace of the book is fast, the twists are good and the author has done a great job being to the point.

The most impressive thing about the book is the narration and the editing.

Rating- 4/5


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