Bring ’em on by Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’


Is living becoming irksome? Are relationships turning sour/unsustainable? Are you at a crossroads, confused, in a Catch-22 situation, in need of counsel and advice? Do you find others unbearable?

You aren’t lost/ebbed/withered/a spent force. You are laying your hands on the panacea. Receiving, imbibing, assimilating and implementing all that is contained herein would usher in the transformation. Relevant, situation-centric, situation-specific, contextual, and with value-addition, you will stand strengthened and empowered after going through this book. It does not matter whether you are an upstart or a virtuoso in your chosen area, or if you are confined to working at/from home or are on a globe-trotting spree. You are bound to be caught in circumstances that could be dicey. Who isn’t in need of a helping hand? You would benefit substantially from the doses of motivation, solace, analogies and anecdotes contained herein.

Go through the contents and face the vicissitudes with courage.

Finally, ‘Bang ’em on’ after you ‘Bring ’em on’!

My views

First of all, on spot cover of the book, those green crackling chains go very well with the title.

Bring ’em on is a kind of self help book. Starting with some realistic lessons of life, the journey of finding Who you are, who am I? To relationships,competitions, people their skills,their behaviour,the creativity, the mindset, improving the life, truth, success and so on.

The author’s narration is great without errors. Great quotes and creative language.


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