My journey with the enlightened masters by Khushwant Singh


“My journey with Enlightened masters” talks about my experiences I went through when I got the chance to meet these enlightened masters like, Krishna, Mahaveer, Gautam Buddha, Meera, Dadu Dayal, Charandass, Gorakhnath, Jesus Christ, George Gurdjieff, Bheekha ji and many more. I know, you may call me mad but it is ok, because I come to realize how I met these enlightened masters when they were born in different periods and in different countries. Well after practicing Jaati Smarn(A particular meditation in which you can visit your past life experiences) for fifteen years, on a particular fateful night, my life changed forever. This book is not meant for a faint hearted person, instead it is an invitation to all those people who want to experience something that is beyond words. About the author Khushwant Singh is a motivational and management expert by profession, but above all, he is mystic, a self realized man.“My journey with enlightened masters” is his fifth book, after Simple ways to make more money, Unanswered prayers, Untold love stories from India and The struggle of a superwoman.

My views-
A book about religious masters and their beliefs towards life.

14 chapters with lives of extraordinary masters of meditation, from different eras.

The book is simple with enormous knowledge and great narration and a courageous concept.


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