The daughter by Sara Onnebo


“I’ll tell you what happened in Tulisaari.”
Those are Annika’s last words to her daughter. Shortly after she is killed in an accident and all her secrets are about to be revealed.

After her mother’s sudden death, Emilia is overcome by grief. As sorrow turns to curiosity, she starts to delve into her mothers mysterious past. The search takes her to the small town of Tulisaari in Finland, where her mother grew up, a place she had left for good after a great tragedy occurred there. Emilia decides to find out for herself what really happened all those years ago.
But someone doesn’t want her to find out the truth…

My views-

Such a great thriller story. The author has described all the aspects of the book with ease and all the complications of the protagonist’s family are portrayed.

Tha daughter’s journey to find out what happened in summer, her relationship with her mother, the obstacles she faced to find out the truth is beautifully crafted.

Surely,recommended to all those who love thriller

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