Turbulent tale of love by Shalu Thakur Dhillon


Life is a journey full of storms and turbulences. Love is the boat that two people can share and sail through the storm together. Preview
Nihal, a pilot by profession, is used to turbulences in his day to day life. One incident.. And his personal life was sturm und drang.
Rabani, an independent yet simple girl, whom he meets by a twist of fate, brings peace and harmony to Nihal’s tempestuous life. But what about the unrest that engulfs Rabani’s life?
Does Nihal figure out what he actually wants from life?
For Prof Nirmal, the heart has no wrinkles and love is all about accepting your loved ones the way they are.
How does he manage to pull Neena, his wife, out of her pain and sorrow?
Neil and Nihal are two friends who can understand even the unspoken things between them. What happens when the unrest in Nihal and Rabani’s life storms their friendship too?
Does the turbulence settle finally? Does their journey have a happy landing?

My views

A love story of Nihal and Rabani with a pinch of mystery. Nihal is a pilot professionally coincidentally meets Rabani and both fell in love.

The narration of Punjabi family is great with simple language. The plot was predictable and simple.

The author has done a great work in terms of narration. The details were kept in mind about the characters.

I felt the story became draggy at some points.

Overall, a story with good narration.



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