It was happy trusting world,then by Vilas Kale

‘It Was A Happy Trusting World, Then’ is the story of a three-month hitchhike through fifteen countries in 1971 by three youngsters from Nagpur in Central India to Europe and back.
Inspired by Western hitchhikers, the cousins Vilas, Kumar and Vidula plan out their own trip. Travelling on a shoestring budget, they complete the journey by ship, bus and friendly lifts. Starting in Bombay, where they board a ship, the narrative takes us through vignettes of lands of a wholly different political era.

My views

After a very long time I read a non-fiction and indeed it was good. I always wanted to read a book on travellers.
The story is of 1971, when 3 people, Vilas, Vidula and kumar, visit Europe from Nagpur. The trip described is author’s own with his friends.
The details of 1971 is described in detail. The author choose his words particularly to narrate the story.
The culture and scenery of european countries are well pictured. Since its author’s own experience, the narration is apt.
India’s condition, of a developing country is not hidden.
The most attractive thing about the book was personalization. The Author has mentioned dates in the book, that automatically shows how close he is to the story.
Overall, a book with detailed travel scenario and beautiful narration.
Rating -4/5

About the author-

Vilas Kale, 66, leads an active life as a social worker and businessman in Nagpur (Maharashtra) India, where he was born, brought up, educated and is settled. He has been able to successfully balance his business with his social work and activism and also pursue his many hobbies including a passion for travelling. The travel bug bit him early in life and he has travelled extensively in India and some 80 countries abroad. His wife Neeta shares his enthusiasm for travel.


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