The secret of sculptures by Monika Thakur

Blurb-Lifelong friends Aditi and Maitreyi meet up in Delhi when Maitreyi returns for her holidays. The holidays start with innocent fun but before long the girls are embroiled in the theft of a priceless sculpture that is stolen from Aditi’s college. Mr. Seth, a mysterious stranger with hypnotic eyes, keeps crossing their path. For him, the sculpture seems to be more than just a relic of history. Events unfold rapidly which make the girls become the prime suspects of a heist. As if being at the center of crime and priceless history was not enough, the girls realize that there is a supernatural element to the sculptures that is directing the fates of everyone involved.

My views-

A story of two best friends,Aditi and Maitreyi. Maitreyi visits her home, and meets Aditi for dinner in a museum. They meet Mr.Seth there, and get to know about sculptures. The very next day they visit Aditi’s and the story from there takes a turn.🔰

The plot is very new and different. The twists are great.
I loved how all the incidents are explained.❤

Rating 4/5


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