Avatar of Protector by Chetan B Thakkar


I accidentally got to know that I had a superpower when I tried to save my friend and I got to know my real identity. I’m the 10th avatar of the god, Vishnu.

My name is Kalki Vishnu Yash. I was just a normal boy. I play cricket, I go to college, and I hang out with my friends. On my 18th birthday, two unknown men tried to kill me, and the mythology stories started to come true. That’s when things really started going wrong. Now I have to fight with my sword and battle monsters with my friends.

Kalayus, lord of the planet Nibru, thinks that I have a Sudarshan Chakra, Krishan’s strongest weapon.

Why does Kalayus want the Sudarshan Chakra? Can Kalki will find the Sudarshan Chakra before Kalayus?

My views-

Kalki’s mythological dreams came true when he got to know that he posseses the powers of Lord Vishnu.
His journey starts when on his birthday he was attacked by two men and he discovered his powers and the story continues.❤
The plot is well built but at some parts i felt the story being dragged. I easily conmected to the words and the plot. Also, the characterization is on point.
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