Butterflies and Dragons by Sindhu Menon


Are you a heart thinker?

If yes, then this book is just for you. Read through a compilation of thoughts from the heart. Thoughts that wove themselves into words and words that settled down in diary pages as poems and blogs.
You won’t find fancy words or complexities inside these pages. But you would definitely find things that you can relate to, right from childhood magic, to growing up pains, heartbreaks, friendships, confusions, realizations, experiences and lessons learnt, tears shed and joys discovered, of struggles and victories and so much more.
“Dreams are unseen wings that take you to places that you have never ever imagined before.”

My View-

A beautiful collection of poems and blogs. The poems are well written. My favourite one was ‘Life is a never ending song’.

The poems are simple with depth. The book is a small with an impactful theme and relatable poems.

I love poetry and hence I can understand the depth in which the poems are written.

If you love poetry, then this book is a must read.


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