The Dreaming reality by Noor Anand and Karan Kapoor


I am Ridhima Maniktala, 21.
I’m in a relationship with Rihansh Kashyap.
He is my student, and 5 years younger to me.

I read about a disease called Cullen Syndrome
in which the patient gets vivid dreams about their future.

I also get lifelike dreams about a woman called Sara and her family of three.

But I haven’t told Rihansh about my last dream in which Sara receives a phone call saying “Your husband was killed in a car crash.”

Am I Sara?
Is Rihansh going to die?
Will my dreams be my future?

My views-

Firstly, I loved the cover of the book. I read that authors took quite a while to write this book, and yes it shows. The way the book is written is commendable.

When I read the title and blurb, I thought it is a love story, but it isn’t. The book is full of friendship, love, drama, emotions and nostalgia.

The story revolves around Riddhima and Rihansh. Ridhima was Rihansh’s teacher but eventually they fell for each other.

The story takes a turn when Ridhima feels that she won’t be able to fulfill her dreams because of her disease.

The presentation of the story is refreshing and different. I loved Ridhima’s character.

Actually, all the characters are well written.

Finally, a page turner with a great story.



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