Koi Good News? By Zarreen Khan

Koi Good News? The name instantly helps you draw the picture of the plot. Firstly, i loved the cover of the book, that bright pink is so eye catchy.

The plot starts with Mona And Ramit, they have been married for four years, and still didnt have their baby. The whole plot revolves around the good news and the whole family, both sides, nagging them to give some good news.

The book is hiliarious. I just kept laughing all the way. The narration is spot on. The book is written from point of view of both Mona and Ramit. They have different views on different things and that is really funny.

The plot is very relatable to the real lives. The parents, the in laws,the friends,the cousions every character is soo amazingly described.

Finally, when Mona gets pregnant, the phase of mood swings, her reactions start and adding to these is Ramit’s helpless phase which is mind blowing.

The pace of the book is good. This book actually is a page turner.!


A well written book, a crisp narration and extremely funny.

Rating -5/5


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