The Last Nomad by Heramb Sukhathankar


Every moment of Rahul Gite’s childhood has been etched with strange stories: untold stories from the dark and dreary lanes of thriving Shantinagar slum in Bombay. Written by nameless faces out of the thrust for survival, these are stories of love, hate, greed and belief. But everyone despises them; they bring us face to face with life—off guard and will-less. Then there is Ryan Davis, enjoying the ancient myths and legends from his parents, sitting in the drawing room of a well furnished apartment in Sagamihara, Japan—the land of hope. Life in Sagamihara has been nothing short of a fairy tale: streets bathing in the beautiful pink cherry blossoms, autumn leaves floating at the mystical Lake Sagami and gigantic kites magnificently soaring in the skies during the Sagami Giant Kites Festival. Every new day is a story soaked in fantasy, leaving Ryan longing for more. One day by happenstance, Rahul and Ryan meet each other at the crossroads of life. Will they have to let go the stories they have cherished?

My view-

The story revoloves around Rahul who dwells in a slum and suffers from mutism and his parent’s ignorant nature leads to his health’s downfall.

The slums are described in detail. The complex life of slums and their day to day struggles are portrayed. The poverty, the superstition, alcoholism are various aspects of life.

The characters describe the social and economic status of these people. Each character had their importance and helped to build a strong plot.

The story reflects how poor people are used by politicians to up their game thereby putting the commoners in disaster.

The story is impactful and crisp. The author used short story pattern which was captivating.

The cover of the book is good.


“Not all things experienced can be understood, Not all things understood can be expressed”


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