Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet khurana

Unlocked Silences is beautiful book by Mukhpreet khurana.

Firstly, the cover of the book is dark black and attractive. The font used is amazing.

The book is a collection of abstracts, poems and excerpts.

I am a huge fan of poetry and anything poetic attracts me. The poems are emotional and inspirational. The book reflects the poets journey of his existence.

My favourite lines are from ‘NOT DONE YET’ , ‘DISTANCE’ and ‘IF EVERYONE CARED’

I connected to each and every word written in the book. The book is written with imprints from day to day life. The language is simple with beautiful metaphors.

Every illustration has its own nature, its own feel and its own connect.

Finally, simple language, great content, amazing poetry, great connection


If you love poems, it is a must read.

P.s- I thank the author to send me the review copy. His gesture of sending a hand written note is very sweet.

‘Hand writtens over anything.’


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